The full material specification can be accessed through the Material Properties page but, the right way to access it is by clicking in the material name shown in the Material Database module, otherwise no information will be available as the page is dynamic generated.

For now we only have ASME materials (according to ASME BPVC Section II) in our database. Other materials/standards will be added after July/2020.

List of information available:

  • Material Name
    Commercial name of the material: SA-240 304
  • Chemical Composition
    Except for the carbon steel materials, the composition are shown bu
  • Product Form
  • Class/Thickness
  • UNS Number
  • P Number Thickness
  • P Number
  • Group Number
  • Minimum Tensile Stress
  • Minimum Yield Stress
  • External Pressure Curve
  • Elastic Modulus ID
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient ID
  • Material Density
  • MDMT Curve 1
  • MDMT Curve 2
  • Flange Group
  • Listing
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Creep Temperature
  • Notes

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