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Xadun Research – Diário

O objetivo desse diário é registrar as medições corporais (peso, circunferencia da cintura e dobras cutaneas), atividades físicas (tanto anaerobica quanto aerobica), ingestão de alimento e estado geral da mente e do corpo durante 30 dias. Tudo que for pertinente deverá ser registrado aqui para futura análise da eficácia do Protocolo Xadun[1]Protocolo Xadun. https://help.kezareng.com/protocolo-xadun. 31/03/2020.. […]

Xadun Research

A cerca de 3 anos atrás, após uma viagem para Europa (24/03/17 á 13/04/17) em que cheguei a caminhar algo em torno de 15 kilometros por dia durante 20 dias e, mesmo com uma alta ingestão calórica (café da manhã reforçado no hotel e comidas de fast-food no almoço e jantar), consegui perder 2 kg. […]

Error List

In this page you’ll find the list for all erros shown in the Bolted Flange Design Module. Error List Error Description #1 Internal Design Temperature [Td] can not be empty. #2 Internal Operating Temperature [To] can not be empty #3 Internal Design Pressure [Pd] can not be empty. #4 Internal Operating Pressure [Po] can not […]

Material Properties

The full material specification can be accessed through the Material Properties page but, the right way to access it is by clicking in the material name shown in the Material Database module, otherwise no information will be available as the page is dynamic generated. For now we only have ASME materials (according to ASME BPVC […]

Create Account

Before subscribing to our web application, the user must first create an account which can easily be done by clicking in the Account item (also used to login) in the menu header and then in the register button. It will redirect you to the registration page. Fill the form with your username, first name, last […]

Project Management Module

After you perform a successful calculation in any of our calculation modules you will be prompted to save it in the Project Management module to be accessed later. You can also load the module with the saved information  so you can make changes and then proceed to calculate again. Changes description 21/01/2020 – Page created.

Material Database Module

We have created the Material Database module to help user save time while designing, as there is no need to look the standard code (printed or electronic document) or search the web for information as allowable stress, yield strength, density, etc. All the information shown in the module have been taken from the lasted standard […]

Bolted Flange Design Module

The Lifting Lug Design Spreadsheet was created in 10/2016 using Excel and VBA to aid engineer to quick design lifting lugs for their projects. The calculation was based in the Air Force Method (more precisely in the Stress Analysis Manual of the Air Foce Flight Dynamics Laboratory which can be free downloaded in the Defense […]

ASME Section VIII Division 1 Material Notes for Table 1A Ferrous Materials Customary

Although we use the lasted ASME code to update our material database, we strongly recommend to refer to official ASME publications. General Notes Note Description (a) The following abbreviations are used: Norm. rld., Normalized rolled; NT, Normalized and tempered; QT, Quenched and tempered; Smls., Seamless; Sol. ann., Solution annealed; and Wld., Welded. (b) The stress […]

ASME Notes

The notes in the Material Properties page are classified according to the division (1 or 2), class (for Division 2), type of material (ferrous or non-ferrous), table and unit type (customary or metric). Use the links below to access the note list and it’s description. ASME Section VIII, Division 1 Material Notes for Table 1A […]