This page was last updated in 04/12/19

This is the Help portal for all Kezar Engineering products. It isn’t optimized to be used by mobile devices as all of our products was developed to be used in computers (actually any device or hardware that can run Java and Excel).

We work with two type of products: software (developed using Java language, so your machine must have Java installed) and spreadsheets (to be used with programs that run xlsm files as Excel, for example). The main differences between them are shown bellow:

Kezar Engineering

More detailed description of the features shown in the table above which isn’t very clear:

  • Multiple Usage: can be used in more than one machine;
  • Complexity: regarding the way it was created and the available options and features;
  • Live Drawing: feature that will draw the component with the real dimensions instead of using static drawings.

As we don’t have much control over the software that will run the spreadsheets, it’s kind difficult to know how it will behavior in the Customers machine. Even though we do a lot of tests to find and fix the bugs and errors, we can’t guarantee (I think no software company can guarantee that their product is free of bugs and errors) that it’ll run perfectly but, if you have any problem you can contact our support through the Contact page.

Just make sure to give as much information as you can (operational system, software name and version, step-by-step of what you did to get the error) because it do make a difference while trying to figure out how to fix the error.