This is the Help portal for all Kezar Engineering products. For now, the only product that we commercialize and support is our web application composed by many modules (material database, bolted flange design, saddle support design, lifting lug design and so on). In the past we used to commercialize calculations spreadsheet (our subscripters can still download it for knowledge purposes and use at own risk), but we realize that what engineers want is someting complete, easy to use, with great support, and for a reasoning price. That is why we decided to develope a web application, althoug powerfull as any Windows/Linux/Mac software, that can be accessed through the web browser (we wisely advise our users to use Google Chrome, but it can be oppened in almost every browser available in the market), no matter if you use your notebook, table or smartphone, the quality and experience will be the same.

The yearly subscription cost USD 120.00, unfortunately we don’t have the option for daily or monthly subscription as we think that what we charge for a years is a very small amount compared to our concurrents, and if you give the opportunity to show you what we can offer, we garantee that you won’t regret.

In the left menu you will find all information that you will need about our web application, how to subscribe, how to pay, how to use, how to deal with the possible errors and so on. We highly recommend that you read it before using the application, as it’ll save you some time while dealing with it.

If you have any question, please, contact us through our Contact Page. Unfortunately we didn’t implemented our support system yet, which is scheduled to happen in June/2020.

Changes description

04/12/2019 – Page created.

20/01/2020 – Removed the information about spreadsheets and software as it won’t be commercialized anymore.